April 19, 2014


Lunaman was born in Belgium Antwerp under the name Alain Croisy in 1968.
He started rapping in 1982 (so he's been around for awhile).
Started producing his own hip hop tracks in 1987.
Signed his first recording deal in 1989 and released his first single "Baby come back" Later on that year under the name "BC & the Basic Boom" and the record sold 45000 copies in Belgium, and hit the number 1 spot.

After that it became quiet around the artist BC (which is one of Lunaman's nick names) Due to the fact that Belgium wasn't ready for a rap act. His goal has always been to be a producer; although he is not scared to release his own work. In 1996 he formed a rap band called "The Krazee Alley".

They had releases in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, France, Spain, Sweden, and Denmark. One record "Fucking ya girl" by Lunaman a.k.a Tha Luna starring himself became an Underground hit record in various clubs all over Europe Even though this track was never commercially released as a single, I didn't stop blowing the minds of a lot of hip hop heads out there. Another track by another member of the "The Krazee Alley" "Shake that booty" by "Vaint-6" did well in France (Released by Scorpio Music).Today he produced a variety of different acts in Belgium: 2 albums for Kaye Styles, 2 albums for Leki, singles for Ali Tcheelab, 1 album for Sandrine, 2 singles for himself "Lunagirl" and "Nutcracka". That last one was a hit in Belgium again. Internationally he is the right hand of Felix Da Housecat, produced 2 albums with him "Virgo Blaktro and the movie disco" and the latest one "He was king". Worked on a lot of remixes for Felix Da Housecat, (Martin Solveigh, Rex the Dog, Yas & Mirwais, Princess Superstar and more) He worked in Atlanta the last 4 years with platinum awards winning producer "Dallas Austin" on tracks for "NSync" singer JC Chavez. Worked with "Yung Jock" producer "Kochease" on a number of tracks. Also works with "Leee John" (Imagination) on his new single (probably). He's got a song writing team in Atlanta and in Belgium. Currently he is working on albums for new upcoming acts like "Angie Romasanta" (Atlanta), "Brianna" (New York), "Kimmy Paris" (Belgium), "Noa" (Belgium), "Vjosa" (Belgium), "Adja" (Belgium), and Lunaman himself.

Check: www.lunaman-music.com